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NNN Agreement Template


A Non-Disclosure/Non-Use/Non-Circumvention Agreement ("NNN") is a document used to protect the intellectual property surrounding your product when working with overseas suppliers. An NNN is commonly exchanged when starting a new relationship with a Chinese factory. It is more specific and offers more protection than a standard Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).  NNN Agreements are designed to prevent a manufacturing partner...

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    NNN Agreements are designed to prevent a manufacturing partner from doing the following:

    • Turning your 'back of the napkin' idea into their own commercialized product
    • Sharing your product design with an unauthorized third party
    • Using your confidential information to create similar products, or to help one of your competitors

    Our NNN Agreement Template is a bi-lingual document (written in Chinese and English) and legally enforceable in China. In addition to offering protection, sending an NNN to potential suppliers sends the messages that you are a serious, professional buyer.

    Please note: This information is not presented as a source of legal advice. Maker U is not a law firm, and is not liable in any way for the way you use this document. Please consult a lawyer if you are in need of legal guidance.


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NNN Agreement Template
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