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Finding Maker U has been life-changing. There are so many questions along the way of launching a product, and a lot of the answers are not clear cut. Anytime I feel like I’m getting stuck, Liz and her team are only a message away. It's one of the best investments I have made during my entrepreneurship journey.

Thai, Jovy

Liz has been absolutely incredible to work with. This is our first time launching a product and we had no idea where to even begin. It's been so beneficial to have Liz to lean on when we have questions or situations we aren't sure how to handle... we view her as a key member of our team! We'd recommend this service to anyone!!

— Nate, Arbor Made

I already had products and a company but was rebranding and scaling after receiving capital. Liz has been amazing - I wouldn’t be anywhere near where I am now without her.

— Tiffini, Latched and Hooked

This was my first business and with Liz’s help I was able to transform my idea into a reality. I can’t even imagine tackling all the problems that come with a business without the support and expertise that Liz provides. Liz has truly transformed my approach to entrepreneurship and I am forever grateful.

— Marshall, ReusaPeel

It has been invaluable to have Liz's support and expertise as we embark on leveling-up our brand and product.

— Ben, GOE Spray

I joined the mentoring program. Liz has an incredible eye for detail and I never put anything into motion without running it by her first. She catches a lot of important things that would be otherwise missed. She is also super easy to work with and has incredibly fast response times!

— Kathryn, Kiki and Lulu

Working with Liz has been a true pleasure. She is super knowledgeable, patient, and supportive. I'm new to product manufacturing and it's been tremendously helpful that Liz has shared her resources with me and pointed me to the right directions. She's also quick to respond to any questions I might have. She's helped me save so much time and money navigating this complex process. Hands down the best investment for my business!

— Xi, Sonderlier

We found our manufacturer partner Maker U and also the brand designer we have chosen together turned out to be a great fit for the brand. I'm so grateful for the support and valuable advice and connections!

— Svetlana, Plumthyme

Liz is an incredible resource. When it comes to sourcing, production and manufacturing communication is key and there’s no one better than her! She is very efficient in her use of time but is also completely transparent throughout the entire process. I know where the money I’ve spent is being allocated and there are never surprises. Liz and her team have been like having my own production department: helping me throughout the development process and looking out for my best interest every step of the way.

— Elyse, Elyse Maguire

As a start-up we had so many questions and were trying to juggle lots of balls at a time. It was overwhelming! Maker U was recommended to us and we are so grateful. Liz is an amazing resource and the genuine real deal in terms of her knowledge. She is supportive and at the same time has great suggestions and feedback—from the big picture ideas to the very small, minute aspects that we need to work on to market our product. Besides all that she is simply a pleasure to work with and we consider her judgment and feedback invaluable!

— Craig, ThumbPro

I feel so empowered since I started with Liz. I believe she is making becoming a product inventor radically more accessible to the masses in the way that digital music services have made it possible for so many people to break into the music industry and made creativity in its field blossom.

— Casey, KC’s Adventure Box

I have been in business since 2018 and have made so many mistakes along the way. Discovering Liz, was the best thing that happened to me this year. She helped me optimize my website for conversion and create an attractive brand image. She has so much knowledge and expertise in manufacturing. She introduced me to several manufacturers and guided me through the process to make sure I only get the best and most reliable partners. What I love most about Liz is that she is really invested in my success. She loves and cares about my brand as much as I do. I trust her opinion fully. She really knows the e-commerce industry well. At first, I thought I would only join for a month or two to find my manufacturers, but she has added so much value to the entire business that I want to keep her with me through this journey. As a solopreneur, I love the fact that I have an expert I can consult at any time to discuss my ideas and concerns. I consider Liz more than a consultant, rather she has become a vital part of my team now. I can guarantee that investing in Liz is worth it!!

— Khoula, Dignitii 

Liz and her team have been wonderful to work with. Without having Maker U guide me through starting this business, I would be lost. Very grateful to have found this service!!!

— Erin, Pittie Clothing Co.

My vision was in its infancy stage when I was lucky enough to cross paths with Maker U. This knowledge and expertise saved me so much time and money!! I’m so grateful to Liz and her team!

— Heidi, A Newborn Nest

If it weren’t for Liz Long and Maker U the dream of starting my own business would have never happened! Her intelligence and business knowledge are priceless. There is no way I could have come this far without this platform!

— Shari, Joey James

I found Liz to be extremely knowledgeable with real world insights that were very helpful in my product development. Her access to reputable suppliers and the strong commercial approach was invaluable to my journey in extending our brand. Highly recommend Liz and her company's services for product development and sourcing in the USA!

— Andrew, Whitehorse Imports

As a new entrepreneur, clear vision is important, but navigating in a new arena can be quite intimidating and costly. Liz Long and her team provide the expertise and resources to guide you through the process and connect you with those who can help you bring your vision to life. Liz is responsive and supportive - cheering you on along the way! She works to ensure you have the right connections to move your business forward. I wish I had found her so much earlier in my process, as I wasted so much time and money navigating on my own.

— Carol, Give Space

I can 100% say that I would not have made it as far and as fast as I did with my product idea if it wasn't for Liz. I got help with everything: sourcing, vetting, comparing quotes, choosing materials, quality control, and more!

— Suzanne, Private Packs

I was feeling totally stressed out about a manufacturing mistake from my factory, but once I reached out to Liz, I knew I was in good hands and I felt much calmer. She knows the industry in-and-out and can guide you through all the ups and downs you are likely to encounter on your journey.

— Tzivia, Rose & Harry’s

Hiring Liz is hands down the most important decision I’ve made for my business. She has laser focus and is the most resourceful person I’ve ever met. I’m amazed at what I’ve been able to accomplish with her help, and I no longer feel alone in my efforts!

— Corrin, Little Love Jar

Liz has been instrumental in the success of my business. Her expertise and experience is invaluable, and I highly recommend her for any founder looking to be guided in the right direction in the shortest amount of time.

— Lauren, Doodle Couture

Liz is a great help and I very much enjoyed working with her!

— Will, Ballbot

The best decision I ever made when starting my business was hiring Liz. She is such an asset to have on your team when navigating the manufacturing industry. Without her guidance, weekly check-ins, advice and coaching, I would still be dreaming about my business. She knows how to talk to vendors and factories, what questions to ask, and is always thinking ahead on what's next to keep things moving. Working with her to build my business has been invaluable and it gives me such peace of mind having her involved. I'm so grateful for the support of her and her team!

— Ashley, Citrus Table

Starting with the first 15-minute consultation, Liz has offered me guidance and advice that I couldn't get anywhere else. She has helped me to navigate producing my product (accessory item) and making all of the decisions along the way. Having someone else's perspective who is as experienced as Liz is is priceless as you work towards making your vision into a reality. Book an intro call—Liz will help you with any roadblocks right away!

— Emily, Arete Supply

Best decision ever to work with Liz. She is so incredibly knowledgeable, shares resources well beyond the value of the program, and provides insight that clearly is that of an experienced, seasoned professional. Highly recommend her to anyone considering her programs.

— Alison, Mobo Baby

Connecting with Liz was kismet. She provided invaluable support and advice for all aspects of my business just when I needed it for my launch. She was like a thread that pulled everything together.

— Tara, Beknown

I had a very small budget but I’m so glad I invested in this! Liz and her team gave me a feeling of security and real, practical advice. I think I would have quit had it not been for Liz’s guidance. She tells it like it is, but in a gentle, kind, professional way. She's prompt and quick to respond. A great resource, with lots of knowledge and connections. Highly recommend!

— Natalie, Pants for Peanuts

Liz’s expertise has made all the difference! Best investment I’ve made this year. Worth every penny.

— Chelsea, Chelsea Fay

As someone who knew what I wanted but was completely foreign to the manufacturing process, this guide walked me through each step and I could not be happier with where I am.

— Ryann, Charlie Rowan Designs

Starting a business with no experience or resources can be overwhelming. Liz alleviated my experience by providing resources that were tailored to my niche and helped me with insightful and intuitive business tips. Very happy with my choice

— Jennifer, Cecile De Fleur

Working with Liz was one of the best business decisions we ever made. The guidance we received was so helpful and I learned so much!

— Lynda, Inner Guide Planners

Working with Liz has felt tremendously supportive. She has vast knowledge and expertise across every aspect of building a brand, from production and manufacturing to branding, content, web design and so much more. She’s also highly efficient, responsive and very generous with her time.

— Nadine, 4Kix

With Liz’s help I found a factory and got the information and confidence I needed throughout the vetting and negotiating process to assure it was the right home for my business.

— Colin, Blue Grit 

I am a newbie in the world of product development and Liz is a wealth of knowledge. I have done so much in a short amount of time! She has a whole host of resources and recommendations that someone like me starting out needs. It can be very frustrating and overwhelming if you don't know exactly where to begin. Liz has made several introductions on my behalf and that alone is worth the price of admission.

— Caroline, Mouchwa

With Liz’s guidance I found awesome vendors for my unique product. I feel like i’ve increased the probability of my project’s success by 100%!

— Colette, Especially Innovative

If you want knowledgeable industry expertise, look no further! I will never forget my official launch date when my goal was made a reality. Many thanks to Maker U!

— Bryanetta, Talk Of The Town

I absolutely would not have been able to launch my brand without the guidance and hand-holding of Liz! It was so great to have an experienced, empathetic and patient person to turn to throughout the process with my never-ending questions (like how should I structure certain emails to suppliers? Is it better to send them a series of short emails piecemealing all my questions or one lengthy email? When is the right time to ask suppliers to send samples with my branding?) Liz also provided a lot of value by making intros to a number of vendors I could use throughout the sourcing and marketing process (such as suppliers, photographers, quality inspection vendors, Amazon FBA experts, etc.), which gave me one less hurdle to have to leap over during the product launch process. I would highly recommend investing in the Maker U mentoring program!

— Ayisha, Cutie Cozy

Starting my own company has been daunting, but working with Liz gives me a fresh perspective. She provides guidance, mentorship, as well as timely and genuine feedback. I feel that she strives to understand and learn about my company in order to provide valuable feedback. With her hard work she has helped shape a successful business.

— Jenna, Dash of Pride

The advice and connections to anything i could need have been super helpful and much needed to open a successful business in the amount of time that I have!

— Kylie, Little and Loved

I could not have found a better advisor, counselor, and teacher. If you want to understand how to launch a product the right way, there’s no one better than Liz!

— Bruce, Lund Leather

I’m so glad we decided to work with this company! Since working with Liz we’ve learned so much and she has helped us grow tremendously. We’re so excited to continue working with her!

— Jordan, Southern Oyster Co

Maker U has played a big role in building my confidence and has saved me LOTS of money and time. Liz is my lifeline and worth every penny. I have learned and have so much to learn from her, she is the best mentor ever!

— Teya, Parallel

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