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Children's Apparel & Accessories Factory List



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    Find the right factory for children's apparel and accessories. Get access to manufacturers and development partners with years of expertise in designing and producing baby & kids products!
    The Children's Apparel & Accessories Factory List features X+ manufacturers in the . Use this list to make baby clothing, rompers, onesies, children's basics, sleepwear, organic and eco-friendly items, dresses, shorts, bathing suits, swim shorts, overalls, leggings, kid's socks and tights, hair accessories, headbands, scrunchies, infant turbans, terry cloth robes and more.


    Factory & Vendor lists contain the following information to help you find partners:

    Factory / Vendor Name


    Factory / Vendor Capabilities


    MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)*






    Contact Information


    * Some suppliers prefer you contact them directly to discuss minimums

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Resource FAQ’s

  • What information do factory lists contain?

    Factory lists include the name of the factory, general capabilities, geographic location, website/profile page, preferred contact method, and required MOQ's (minimum order quantities), if this information is offered by the factory. Some factories require that you connect with them directly to discuss minimums.

  • How do you choose the factories that go on your lists?

    We connect with factories in many different ways including in-person visits, industry contacts, trade shows and more. Suppliers do not pay to be included on our lists.

    It is important to note that vetting a specific supplier for quality, price, and professionalism is ultimately your responsibility. If you need help narrowing down your supplier choices, the Supplier Vetting Checklist is a helpful resource. You can also use the Pre-Production Checklist to ensure you take the right steps prior to production and protect your investment.

  • Am I guaranteed to find a factory when I buy a factory list?

    There is no guarantee you will find a specific factory when you buy our Factory Lists. If you have questions about a particular list, feel free to email hi@makeruniversity.com.

  • What is different about your Factory Lists compared to other lists that are available?

    Our lists do not focus on just one country. You will find suppliers from all over the world! We also have a strong focus on small batch manufacturing to serve newer makers.

    Each list is designed to be an all-in-one resource for manufacturing your product idea. Factory lists include bonus sublists to help you produce your product completely, including design partners, materials and component suppliers, packaging suppliers and more. Read the description of each list to see what is included.

  • What if I want to return a resource?

    We do not accept returns on informational products. If you have questions about a resource you purchased, please email hi@makeruniversity.com.


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Children's Apparel & Accessories Factory List
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