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Shipping Supplies Vendor List
Discover the perfect shipping supplies for your brand with our comprehensive vendor list! You'll find recommended sources for custom mailers and boxes of all shapes and sizes - including eco-friendly options - plus shipping staples like tape, labels, tissue paper and polybags. Use...
Packaging Vendor List
Discover your perfect packaging solution with our Packaging Vendor List. Featuring options for all sorts of product categories, find everything from custom boxes to shipping supplies to hang tags and bellybands. You'll also get a list of recommended packaging designers...
Industrial Design Vendor List
Discover the best industrial designers for your product ideas! Industrial designers are responsible for taking your product idea and turning it into a clear set of specifications for a factory to produce. Our comprehensive list of experienced professionals will help...
Facebook & Instagram Ads for Physical Products
Master Meta and Instagram Ads with this interview with Jenny Parluski from Ads Uncorked. In this thorough video interview (40 min), we dive deep into the strategies and tactics that successful product entrepreneurs use to grow their businesses through targeted...
Website Designers / Developers Vendor List
Make an impact with an e-commerce website that is uniquely yours! The Website Designers/Developers Vendor List gives you access to a network of talented website freelancers and agencies so you can customize your site to stand out and best represent your brand...
Quality Control Vendor List
Implement a professional quality control process with our comprehensive Quality Control Vendor List. This list provides a selection of trusted "QC" agencies worldwide who will partner with you to ensure your product is properly made and ready to sell. By...
Technical Design/Patternmaker Vendor List
Make your creative idea a reality with this Technical Design/Patternmaker Vendor List. Get production-ready or have a pattern made - from scratch or from an existing sample - for virtually any type of sewn product. Make sure your product is...
Digital Marketing Vendor List
Digital marketing covers everything from paid ads to search engine optimization.
Product Photographer Vendor List
Discover the perfect photographers to capture stunning product and lifestyle shots for your brand. Our Product Photographer Vendor List includes experienced freelancers, cost-effective studios, Amazon specialists, fashion photographers, children's photographers and more. You'll be able to capture beautiful photography for any...
Freight Forwarder Vendor List
Optimize your shipping logistics with our Freight Forwarder Vendor List. This comprehensive list gives you access to the best freight forwarders to handle your goods from factory to destination, including international transit, customs clearance, and more! With our list, you can...
Fulfillment Partner/3PL Vendor List
Seamlessly outsource your order fulfillment and unlock the potential of your e-commerce store. A fulfillment partner (also sometimes called a 3PL or 3rd Party Logistics Provider) will store your inventory, monitor your e-commerce store, and "pick and pack" orders as they come...
Costing, Pricing, and Profit Margin Template
Improve your profitability and make informed decisions about your product with the Costing, Pricing, and Profit Margin Template. This helpful tool breaks down all the necessary inputs for calculating your total COGS (Cost Of Goods Sold), giving you a clear...
Branding & Graphic Design Vendor List
Our Branding & Graphic Design Vendor List makes it easy to find the perfect partner to create a logo, choose colors & fonts, design packaging, and more – all at a budget that works for you. Plus, get a bonus mini-list...
Maker U Accelerator
Our signature Accelerator has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs turn their ideas into products. Would you attempt to drive somewhere new without having directions or GPS? Probably not. And it’s no different when it comes to launching a physical product. If you've never done it...
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